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Member Resources


Realm is our web-based software for managing groups, committees, emails, and online giving. Contact the church office if you have access problems.

Camp Tomah Shinga is on 840 acres of  the beautiful Flint Hills, south of Junction City, Kansas. The staff provide traditional summer camp and retreat experiences. Check out the camp schedule on their website at



Faith Inkubators provides wonderful resources for Christian education and home devotions for all ages. See the Faith 5 website for a home-based faith practice for your family. An iPhone app is also available starting at $2.99. Search for "Family Bible Adventures" from Rising Star Studios on the App Store.

Facebook--You don't have to be a member to "like" us on Facebook!







Our Library--Our mobile cart is filled with good reading for children, young adults, newcomers, and members.

Have a project for the church that needs funding? Check out the following:


Redeemer Lutheran Endowment Funds Policy

Redeemer Lutheran Grant Application

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